Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oh, the places to read

I love reading, I really do! And trust me when I say that I will read anywhere, anytime. I've always loved reading but just within the last few years has reading really become a passion of mine.
I'm the kinda girl that will carry books around with me just in case the opportunity arises and I can catch up on a few pages. I recently bought a bicycle to bike back and forth from work, you know, get some fresh air, reduce the amount of cars on the road and to get some exercise. It's been lovely - though I've actually only used the bike for reason a handful of times. Why? Because I've been so engrossed in the books I've been reading that I opt to walk so I can read at the same time! Walking and reading can be a dangerous activity...trust me, I've tripped many times, almost flat on my face and yeah, I've almost walked right into a sign. Not my best moments, but it's all so I don't have to put my book down (I will NOT try riding and reading!)
But there is nothing better than crawling into bed with a book. After the day is done, I love taking the time to relax and read. Just me, the book in my hand and the characters (I'll admit, the last few nights I've gone to be with Mr. Grey!). Whether it be 5 minutes and a handful of pages, or hours upon hours devouring the read, there's nothing like falling asleep after turning the pages of a book.
My purses are bought big enough to store a book in. My bedside table is littered with books (along with many other places). Many books have had their fair share of splashes from the bathtub, policies and procedures have to share locker space with a good book at work (heaven forbid I forget my current read at home that day).
Some people carry their iPods, lipstick or cell phones as their prized possessions, I prefer books as mine, though my phone is right up there! And I've seen in everyday life that my daughter is following in my footsteps. Each visit to a bookstore, she's picking out new adventures and making new friends within the books. It was just yesterday that she sat with her back against the chair in front of our bookshelf and sat down to read because she was bored. Books open doors for us and take us places we could only imagine!

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Endless books and endless places to read!

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Lynda said...

That is the truth! But, I do have one request...BE CAREFUL reading and walking. We don't want and reading and walking accidents!!!! My favourite place to read is in the bathtub. My time to relax and take in a few pages or half a book if it is really good. So glad that your daughter has the same enthusiasim as you when it comes to books!

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