Sunday, May 8, 2011

In My Mailbox (May 8th, 2011)

Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful mothers out there! I hope you're having a Fantastic day!

In My Mailbox credit goes to The Story Siren

Divergent by Veronica Roth - my mom actually won this for me, she knew that I wanted it, and won it on a Twitter Triva game! Thanks Mom :)

For Review:
Wildefire by Karsten Knight | Goodreads Synopsis
Untold Story by Monica Ali | Goodreads Synopsis

Borrowed (From Library):
The Book of Harry Potter Trifles, Trivias and Particularities by Racheline Maltese - we've had fun with this one, that's for sure!

Thanks to Simon & Schuster, Wanda from YMCBookalicious and my mom! You guys are great!

And while you're here, stop by HERE to pick which book I should read next.


Actin' Up with Books said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog. I know what you mean about having too many books already. My TBR pile is not longer a pile but a bookshelf. Congrats on winning Divergent (or congrats to your mom!) I love it when I win a book I've been dying to get my hands on and I love seeing when other people win too! I guess that's why I love hosting giveaways!

Happy Reading and enjoy your books!

Moonlight Gleam said...

Okay I totally have to say that your mom is SO awesome!!! You've got a great mailbox week! I cannot wait to hear what you think!

Alison said...

Wow...I haven't heard of that Harry Potter book. It sounds really interesting.

Reading Angel said...

Great books this week! I can't wait to finally get around to reading Divergent! Heard such good things about it!
Wildefire looks SOOOO good! I look forward to your review!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Annette said...

Both Divergent and Wildfire sound like great books. I'm looking forward to reading them. Thanks for stopping by!

Chrystal said...

Yay for your Mom winning Divergent. It looks so good. :)

-from a fellow Ontarian named Chrystal :)

Krystal said...

@Actin' Up With Books - I love winning books too, and I'm hoping to do some more giveaways soon!
@Moonlight Gleam - Yah, my mom is pretty awesome :) I'm looking forward to Divergent, I've heard some great things about it!
@alison - I'd never heard of that Harry Potter book either, but it has some trivia and fun things in it!
@Reading Angel - Wildfire does look pretty good doesn't it!?

Karen said...

Go mom! A friend let me borrow her copy of Divergent - it looks really good.

Midnight Bloom said...

haha, so I'm definitely agreeing with everyone... your Mom is pretty awesome to win you a copy of Divergent! And Wildefire is looking great too! Happy reading! :)

Amber said...

You got four fantastic reads! I'm dying for Wildfire and Divergent was so amazing! Hope you love them all.

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