Thursday, November 23, 2017

Book Review: Just Like You Said It Would Be by C.K. Kelly Martin

Publish Date: February 15th, 2017
Publisher: ebook, Create Space
Series: Stand Alone
Source: ebook from author in exchange for an honest review

Goodreads Synopsis:

How do you make something feel finished?
On New Year’s Eve seventeen-year-old Amira texts the Irish ex-boyfriend she’s been missing desperately since they broke up at the end of summer, when she returned to Canada. They agreed they wouldn’t be friends, that it would never be enough. But that was then—back when Amira’s separated parents had shipped her off to relatives in Dublin for the summer so they could test-drive the idea of getting back together on a long haul cruise. Back when Amira was torn away from a friend in need in Toronto only to fall in love with a Dublin screenwriting class and take a step closer to her dream career. And only to fall for cousin Zoey’s bandmate, Darragh, the guy who is first her friend, then her enemy and later something much more complicated—the guy she can say anything to, the guy who makes every inch of her feel wide awake in a way she hadn’t known was possible. The guy she confides in about the dead sister she has no living memories of but who has remained with Amira nonetheless. The guy she might never see again. Or is there, despite the distance, somehow still a chance for them?
Chock-full of movie references and giddy love for Dublin, Ireland, Just Like You Said It Would Be is a frank exploration of the extraordinary highs and shattering lows of first love that will appeal to fans of Jennifer Echols, Tara Kelly, Sarra Manning, and Kirsty Eagar.

My Review:

Unfortunately I forgot I even had this book (Sorry C.K. Kelly Martin!) The author contacted me a while ago asking me if I would read and review this novel for her. I was happy to do so and eager to as I've read some of her other books and enjoyed them and as always, I like working with Canadian authors!
One night, I was looking through my phone files and came across the book. (I blame it on new mom brain - it's a thing!!) Turns out, it is super handy to have an ebook on my phone to read in night reading mode when nursing my little one to sleep at night. So this review is much later than asked for and I'm terribly sorry, but it's here nonetheless. 
So let me tell you this; Just Like You Said It Would Be was such a great read! The beginning was a wee bit slow starting out (in comparison to the rest of it) but it's worth it. I finished so quickly and was disappointed that there wasn't any more story to read. 
Amira, the main character is from Toronto, but has to spend a summer overseas with her aunt and uncle while her parents are trying to save their marriage. Amira is deeply saddened to have to leave and tries to convince her family to let her stay home as her best friend is dealing with a family situation of their own and she wants to be there for her. In the end, Amira can't win, and is shipped off to Ireland for the long and lonely summer. Her cousin, Zoey quickly tries to make Amira feel at home and invites her out with friends and her band mates. This is how Amira meets Darragh and from here on out, her visit to Ireland will be forever changed.
I really enjoyed everything about this intoxicating novel. The writing was really great, with lots of detail and vivid pictures. The characters are real and heart-felt, and easy to relate to. Just Like You Said It Would Be is a great first love story. There were parts that reminded me of my first love, and I think a lot of readers will experience that too. The butterflies in the pit of your stomach, the feeling of meeting each other after class. All those feels are here in the book. And the fact that it's set in Ireland makes it even better. I've never actually been, but I think of Ireland as being such a romantic country! It all came together so nicely and I loved it! 
Just Like You Said It Would Be was more than just a love story though. There was so much more to it; friendship, music and family. I really do recommend this book and hope many others get to read it!

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