Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Little Note

Sorry that my blog posts are anything but regular for the last while. It all started with my netbook crashing and being unable to fix it, and me being pure lazy. I didn't want to sit at my computer and write my reviews any longer! After the joy of sitting on my couch or in my bed, sitting at the computer on a chair didn't appeal to me. I've still been reading tons, and Simon & Schuster have still been kind to me by sending ARC's (which I have reviewed) I'm trying harder to get posts and reviews done, regardless of where I have to sit. So be patient, and I'll have my blog back up and functioning. It also came to my attention that a lot of my posts were posted with a white background behind some paragraphs. It never showed up like this on my computer, so I never knew it was happening.  Sorry for this and I hope I know how to fix it!

Thank you for you continued support, and look forward to seeing more from me in the upcoming time!


Lynda said...

have been missing your posts! Hoping you get back into it again.

Kandice said...

You're missed! :) Hope to see you back and writing reviews regularly! :)

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