Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday

Brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish

This weeks top ten is a good one! I had lots of fun with it. - Top 10 bookish confessions (in no particular order)

1. I judge authors on twitter and facebook. I get it, you're excited that you book is published, but do you have to re-tweet and post only the reviews where people put you on a throne? What about the ones who only just liked the book. I know, it's bad that I do this, but I've unfollowed a certain author because of this (Needless to say, she didn't re-tweet my review!)

2. Sometimes I read the bottom of the page first. This is terrible and I HATE that I do it, but my eyes just skim to the bottom.

3. I love the library but I can never get books back before they charge me late fees. So I rarely borrow.

4. I don't dog ear my books. Unless it's a used one I bought somewhere that is already dog eared. (and man does it feel nice to dog ear, I feel like I'm breaking the law!)

5. I need my books to match on my shelf. This whole thing with last books in a series not matching the first ones is terrible. And I refuse to buy it if it doesn't match. Which then puts me in a pickle because I don't have the complete series. Stick with the hardcover being to same and design new (but matching) covers for paperback.

6. I love hardcover books. Sometimes I prefer them to paperback. They're heavy, big and sometimes fall on my face when I'm reading in bed, but I can't help it.

7. I enjoy books more if the authors are nice. I guess this ties in with #1, but I love nice, down-to-earth writers and your books will appeal to me more. For example, Kelley Armstrong, I've talked to her through email (and her publicist, whom is also so nice!). My hubby just met Kelley on the weekend and got a signed book for me, and he was so impressed with her kindness! Marina Cohen, author of Mind Gap is a lovely lady too!

8. I got invited to a friends house the other day, I said sorry, I've got plans. My plans? Get home and read. Enough said.

9. Someone asked me how many books were in the Harry Potter series, and I *GASP* couldn't remember if there were 7 or 8. This is embarrassing because I'm a die-hard Potter fan. Just forget I even mentioned this one.

10. I hoard books. Don't judge, we all do. I can't get rid of them, even if I didn't ever read it, or if I know I will not re-read it, I keep it.

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Lynda said...

Great top ten list! Too funny about "having plans"! Keep on enjoying your books and blogging about them. I enjoy your blog!

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