Monday, March 5, 2012

Book Review: A Million Suns by Beth Revis

Publish Date: January 10, 2012
Publisher: RazorBill
Pages: 386
Series: Across The Universe, Book #2
ISBN: 978-1-59514-398-3
Source: Bought

Goodreads Synopsis:Godspeed was once fueled by lies. Now it is ruled by chaos. It’s been three months. In that time, Amy has learned to hide who she is. Elder is trying to be the leader he’s always wanted to be. But as the ship gets more and more out of control, only one thing is certain: They have to get off the ship.

My Review:

A Million Suns picks up right where Across The Universe ends. We're on the ship Godspeed and we're re-introduced to Amy and Elder. In Beth Revis's second installment of her sci-fi trilogy, Amy and Elder are much more mature, and they ought to be with what they have been left with. Elder, the leader of the ship finds out so much about the ship and previous leaders while Amy now, more than ever is the freak on the ship and has her safety to continue to look out for. The dynamic alone between Amy and Elder is enough to keep the story moving.

A lot has happened since book one and I know readers had a lot of questions (I sure did after reading the first book) and A Million Suns answers some of these for us. Though we have been awared with many more questions that will hopefully be answered in book 3.
There's not much I can say about A Million Suns without giving things away and I definitely don't want to spoil this for anyone. Once again, Revis's writing is phenomenal. She can paint such a clear picture and writes her story with so much detail it's like we're there, part of the ship. Add to this, Revis has included a set of riddles that Amy needs to figure out, and trust me, she won't be the only one picking their brain to find the answer.

So much happens in A Million Suns, we meet new characters, we see the plot thickening and we are introduced to some new mind-bending mysteries. Overall, A Million Suns is a great addtion to the Across The Universe series. Even if you are not a Sci-fi reader, you will throughly enjoy this series, and if you read Across The Universe and haven't picked this one up yet, I highly recommend you do.

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