Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mysterious Harry Potter news...

Apparently, I'm a little behind, but today on Twitter I saw this:

"Harry Potter fans flock to JKRowling's mysterious new site, Pottermore "

(note: that link takes you to the Guardian news site, NOT the Harry Potter site)

Clicking on the picture below will take you to the Pottermore site

What?! that means more Potter! How exciting is that? What could this all mean?
Check out this countdown here on YouTube and start guessing!

There's talk that it could be a new book, (though a spokesperson and confirmed that it is NOT a new book) an encyclopedia, among other ideas!
What do think it could be? Are you as excited as I am (and I know my daughter will be when she's home from school and sees this good news!)

We'll all have to wait and see what this exciting and mysterious news is!

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