Monday, May 23, 2011

ARC as an Afterthought

While dusting my bookshelf the other day, I was thinking...we all love getting those shiny new ARC's before the actual release day, we love reading them, and spreading the word about these new, upcoming books, but what do you do with the ARC's once you've read them? Do you keep them at the back of your shelves? Do you give them away for others to read? What about once you've read them, do you buy the finished copy of any of the ARC's? Since I've read ARC's and haven't moved onto the finished copy of the book, I don't know whether the books change much from one to the other. That's what I'm curious about - is it worth getting the finished copy if you have the ARC?

Let me know your opinions!

*Note - I really do NOT like dusting my book shelves! This chore takes way too long!

And obviously, since most ARC's say right on / in it - I would never think of selling an ARC.

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