Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bookish Pet Peeves - Stickers on Books...

Yesterday was Top Ten Tuesday,(unfortunately I didn't get to do my post - oh well!) and this weeks discussion was "Top 10 Bookish Pet Peeves". I saw some interesting pet peeves, among them were things like:
  • dog earing pages - I personally don't like doing this, only because I find it tough to quickly find the right page, so I'll use book marks, or take note of the pages I want to remember
  • bent spines - well this is how we know the book has been read and loved
  • books without covers or pages missing - this does bother me, there is no need to have a book without a cover, and how are we supposed to enjoy the book as a whole with pages gone?
But there was one that stood out to me:

Stickers on books!

Thankfully, where I buy a lot of my books - !ngido Chapters - they use these really cool stickers that stick but are super easy to come off. Therefore there is no gross, sticky-icky residue left of the pretty books. But there are some book companies that use the stickers that are nearly impossible to come off. I had one book that I tried to peel the sticker off - it was terrible!
After that disaster, I found a solution. It's as simple as a hairdryer! Just blowdry the stickers / tape right off those babies. This works each and every time. Give it a try next time, and you'll see how easy it is. Just don't let your book go up in flames. (Low heat setting, don't aim the dryer too long, etc)

There you have it - a pet peeve and a solution!

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Lynda said...

I used to dog ear my pages but after hearing you say not to I've stopped and thanks to Keira, nana now has a very special bookmark to use. I also have my other special bookmark from her as well. (her school picture book mark) I agree with you about those annoys me when they leave that sticky residue on books or anything for that matter.

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