Sunday, January 9, 2011

#61 of my 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days...

Last year (January 10th to be exact) I made a list of 101 Things to do in 1001 days. It was something my sister was doing, and I thought it was a fun idea. So, I made my list, and #61 happened to be -

Read at least 25 books that I haven't read before
(The reasoning behind this is that I tend to re-read a lot of my books, like the Twilight series that I've read at least 3 times each)

And as of November 27th, I can check this off!

Here's my list of the books I read.

1. Sarah's Key - Tatiana De Rosnay          
2. The Gum Thief - Douglas Coupland       
3. Green - Ted Dekker                                    
4. Fight Club - Chuck Palahniuk                  
5. The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold           
6. Flowers In The Attic - V.C Andrews      
7. Petals On The Wind - V.C Andrews      
8. House Rules - Jodi Picoult                      
9. The Reckoning - Kelley Armstrong       
10. Burned - P.C and Kristin Cast               
11. Cat's Cradle - Kurt Vonnegut                
12. Heart of the Matter - Emily Giffin
13. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner - Stephenie Meyer
14. The Shack - William P. Young
15. Gravity Brings Me Down - Natale Ghent | review
16. Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare | review
17. Breakfast At Tiffany's - Truman Capote
18. Room - Emma Donoghue | review
19. City of Bones - Cassandra Clare | review
20. City of Ashes - Cassandra Clare | review
21. City of Glass - Cassandra Clare | review
22. Boy Meets Boy - David Levithan | review
23. The Thirteenth Chime - Emma Michaels | review | author interview
24. Fallen - Lauren Kate | review
25. Freefall - Mindi Scott | review

Not all of these books were given a review. I started blogging and actually writing reviews after I got my first ARC ever, which was Clockwork Angel. After that, I got addicted to writing out my reviews. So books 15, 16 and 18 and up on my list got reviews.
I'm proud of myself for completing this, and for reading a wide variety of books. I can't wait to finish more of my list - including read a biography about someone important.

I hope you have fun reading which books I've read, and maybe you too could start your own list!


Lynda said...

WTG Krystal. Sounds like a great list of books! I'm proud of how well you are doing with your reviews. Keep up the great work. How are you doing with the list? You should post it sometime!

Teacher/Learner said...

All the best with your resolutions :)

I have an award for you. Congrats :) Here are the details.

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